Bridal Veil's Maid of Honor

SKU: S5019


This tiny row of sparkle is an absolute fan favorite! For a bride who wishes for just a bit of demure glitter on her veil, this is the answer. These faceted rhinestones, with a superb twinkle, are set in a clear plastic and connected by a fine thread. Our friend Diana, who happens to be a master at creating stunning veils, had a few great recommends for sewing this lovely: If you choose to sew by machine, use a pearl (or cording) foot and attach using a zig-zag stitch about 1/2" in from the bottom edge. You will trim the 1/2" away post-sewing to create a nice finished edge. Thank you, Diana! Of course, if you love to do handwork like we do, here is a great opportunity to sew on a strand by hand, adding love in the stitches. 

1/8" Wide

Trim sold by the yard.