About Embellish Trims

Embellish was born from a love of trims and all things trim-worthy. We have a passion for transforming by adding that little something extra. Being good is okay, but being fabulous is so much better!
Our company philosophy rests in a wish to inspire you. Whether you’ve sewn for decades or have just borrowed your first needle and thread, we want to help elevate your project from ordinary to remarkable. We’d like to show you the enormous potential of a thoughtfully selected adornment. What if you looked beyond what you would ordinarily do, and tuck a little lace into that seam; add a pretty ribbon to a cuff; or wake up a garment simply by swapping the buttons?  
We're here to offer you the unique things. After all, as sewists, we know there's often an elusive embellishment we wish we could find, but struggle to unearth. Perhaps it's a novel hue, or an unusual combination of materials. Either way, we have done the unearthing for you!
We invite you to peruse our site in search of ways to make your creation like none other in the world. As we like to say, “Make it more.”