Right "Back" at Ya!

Right "Back" at Ya!

The Pauline pattern from Closet Core had been floating around in the back of our minds for some time! This project began with a Japanese knit jacquard fabric by Kokka, procured from Craft South in Nashville. Japanese fabric are known for their quality and lovely prints, but this knit was an exciting departure from the more common woven. Moreover, it would pair perfectly with our Aegean Blue Dentelle! Next was the Pauline dress pattern. The square neck and the interest of the open back was appealing, but a few things would need changing in order to create a top instead of a dress for this particular fabric selection. 


The original pattern was modified in a few ways:

  • A chunkier tie on the back;
  • The skirt was eliminated;
  • The bodice lengthened and a side, bust dart added;
  • Sleeves extended for a long, ruffled style instead of an elbow-length version.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
After deliberating on lace placement options for the neck, we settled on just a hint across the front square. Lace around the sleeves and the bottom would then follow, further showcasing the harmony of color and shape between lace and fabric. A running stitch in matching teal blue embroidery floss drew the piece to a happy close. 

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